All donations that go towards these address will be used for The Lithe Project and its purposes.

  • Host seed nodes - This will help with decentralisation.
  • VPS purchase - This will allow us to keep up uptime on our projects that may require a node to work.
  • Exchange fund - Some exchanges regarding Cryptocurrency can be expensive to list an asset so funds will go towards that.
  • Miner-Buyback-System (MBS) - Before $LXTH assets get listed on any exchange, we understand some miners may get impatient so we've setup a system to allow us to add to the donation fund and also reward the miners for their time and efforts.

More purposes will be announced soon.
The Lithe Project has a community proposal scheme in which the community can crowd fund for certain things that may not be listed.

Click here to create a new proposal

AmityCoin (XAM)			: amitYjRzkZMNcAGji6BoRDiDax71h2pJrfyQizXnttUHKxNxqGJDZWtESaabbSjRQD5WhyDey4qn9XZpFcAgxxTg5mtJTF9jTM
ArQma (ArQ)			: ar2mqMg2SUYVUeV9vzSQuyRurKUKrfVbzWMd5AArDAEy381zMxqHAnq7e6DGLjMQwS1zoU2utuW83SFYJmYTS4sY2Ams1V6nv
Basic Attention Token (BAT)	: 0xeEe17221dad59f7b9ab6CD2C3163bE32bdF16c36
Doge (DOGE)			: DK2TjjQDxjsQkFDGtAe5VDMM4ZN5wnDB6V
Lethean (LTHN)			: NaWe5B5NqvZ3TV2Mj1pxYtTgrnTBwQDMDNtqVzMR6Xa5ejxu6hbi6KULHTqd732ebc5qTHvKXonokghUBd3pjLa8czovfrW1G561vPanSPRh
Monero (XMR)			: 8BycUyGk8GuDYNnAbAHhoxQBLecUJQbExbSX21Z9DoaB5jcEVtNAY7d4puNnB6psJ5SptRw42r4v6fp1yFHTUWaW9RaQDvb
NibbleClassic (NBX)		: Nib1fzFuBrQeumAJCf5ntj2K6jWQJnzZTU2Bz8ejSu1T8QzowcQWoe5a9LCLPqnfcqfSMXTdKWULfgwZxBioX4yi5p4UDjF29x
TurtleCoin (TRTL)		: TRTLuzcHQu2Z3QotVB4C7yihoN4Kw2fhzMwF2DWVVK2AhGWaBZhsUJhWsG7z6BYYoqgyiQVHHJeRiU78UmwLcfqPTY1MBS7bjzb