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Lithe™ isn't just another
It's money that works.


About Lithe™

Lithe™ aims to study the best practices of the fiat world and work towards developing products to be user-friendly for the people. So even though people are using the Lithe™ crypto on the backend, they will have no problems interacting with it because of its elegant UI. Lithe™ is built upon the TurtleCoin network which has features such as Light Blocks, Private Transactions and Blockchain Analysis Resistance. Lithe™ has a maximum supply of 25 billion coins allowing enough coins constantly flowing within the network but not too many that you would have to use more coins than expected to purchase goods. We know of one minor problem between cryptocurrency and normal people and that is it is like Voodoo to them. Lithe™ will change that so it will allow anyone and everyone the ability to use and benefit from it.

Paper Wallet Have a fully functional and working paper wallet online.
Official Website Finish the website and have it online.
Custom domains A custom domain would be needed for The Lithe Project. The block explorer is near ready as well as a website, the custom domain would be great for somebody to point the API endpoint at it so we can use this in applications.
New members Introduce new members to The Lithe Project that could benefit the project.*NOTE* we're always looking for more team members to join the project!
Finish GUI Finish forking Nest with a new colour scheme and release testnet GUI binaries.
Blog Posts Either hire someone or start writing weekly or bi-weekly blog posts.
Lithe GUI miner First Release Once finished and stable enough, release binaries for multiple platforms.
Public Node List Create a small site which lists all active nodes for Lithe.
Web developer A web developer is needed to take control over web applications and sites. As I want to focus on development, this is a job for somebody else.
Initiate testnet So we can test the network, starting a testnet is essential before going into mainnet. This is also used so we can develop further on applications as well.

The Milestones

The Birth of Lithe™


The year to make ourselves known

In the first year of development, we are mainly looking towards building the applications that will help Lithe™ be more user friendly. We will also reach out to Coin Listing sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and then look towards Exchange Listings. All this will be done whilst the core blockchain codebase gets updated throughout it.

Open Source


Let's build something special

All our work is done on an open source platform, GitHub. This gives our audience ease-of-mind as they are free to look at any peice of code in any Lithe™ applications. Open sourcing our project allows for more people to contribute to our work with pull requests. It allows The Lithe Project™ to remain efficiant as our work can be improved by contributors i.e. developers, graphic designers, 'grammar police' and many more different kind of skilled people. We hope to encourage more of the community members to get involved and contribute to The Lithe Project™ as we believe everybody has the chance to do something special.

Pay with ease


Setting up merchants

By creating the right applications, we can give ease of mind to merchants who may want to start accepting Lithe™ as a legitmate form of payment.

Establishing Partners


'We're all in this together'

We are aware nothing, unless it is shear luck, becomes popular overnight and work and precious man hours help contribute to getting the audience attracted to any project, Lithe™ is no different. By making the right connections in different fields, we hope to help out other projects on their road to success whilst at the same time, helping Lithe™ accomplish its goals too.

something significant


Now that we've made our mark, how about something significant?

This is still yet to be decided upon. We do have a few idea's in how to help this milestone get accomplished so we'll say the revealing will be soon™.

new lithe™ technology


A truly new way to pay

As adoption is the ulimate goal, we will start to invest, from our development fund and personal savings, and develop new technology to help the economics of Lithe™.

What People Say.

Presenting The Lithe Project™
Author image

I'm please to annouce the The Lithe Project™. Decentralization looks inevitable so by having the ability to make my contribution to the crypto space is more than encouraging to go forth with this project and create what we believe is the correct way to make payments, privatly, secure and truly your money without the interference of banks and centralized government saying how you can and cant spend what is rightfully yours.

LithyRiolu Founder & Lead Developer, The Lithe Project™


More About Lithe™

Lithe™ also aims to create a platform and community that is friendly and welcoming, ecouraging forks and people to join in with core development. This being said, we have setup a Media Partners campaign in which we will look for other projects to post have the space in our bi-weekly blog posts to let our community know about there activity and then they would do the same for The Lithe Project™. This is part of coopertive marketing and the whole idea was inspired by this Medium article . The Lithe Project™ has already been known to have helped other communities and projects and thought it would be sensible to join in. Our slogan is now "Helping you, help us." to let people know we are a safe, friendly community.

Blog Posts

Be involved in the next Medium blog

A good way to get, and keep, and users involved is by allowing them to have a say in Medium blog posts. You can give somebody a shoutout or maybe advertise your Lithe pool or service. We're all about staying connected with our audience.

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