The Lithe Project™

Lithe, money that works.

About Lithe™

Lithe aims to study the best practices of the fiat world and work towards developing products to be user-friendly for the people. So even though people are using the Lithe crypto on the backend, they will have no problems interacting with it because of its elegant UI. Lithe is built upon the TurtleCoin network which has features such as Light Blocks, Private Transactions and Blockchain Analysis Resistance. Lithe has a maximum supply of 25 billion coins allowing enough coins constantly flowing within the network but not too many that you would have to use more coins than expected to purchase goods. We know of one minor problem between cryptocurrency and normal people and that is it is like Voodoo to them. Lithe will change that so it will allow anyone and everyone the ability to use and benefit from it. Because we want everyone to eventually be using Lithe, we are adapting for longevity.
Longevity in Lithe's Proof of Work will allow everybody to earn $LITHE, all the time, for the rest of our lives and possibly for the next couple of generations, this also allows the developers to work on and around The Lithe Project for years to come. The Lithe Project's development team are only focused on the development of Lithe and it's applications over time rather than value, getting rich quick and then abandoning it. To prove this, Lithe has no premine and will be totally supported by it's team members, community members and donations.

Notice Board

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Make sure you have a wallet to engage in the economics of $LITHE.

The Lithe testnet was initiated on 18th March 2019

The Lithe is schelduled to launched in a few weeks.
Make sure you have your wallet created and the keys saved get started!

We're hiring!
You can have a chance to work with the core team on creating an ecominical drive for Lithe. That could be getting down and dirty in the code of any of our projects, helping out people in our community... you name it, it could help us!

The Lithe Project™ History Timeline.

2019 ElphyreCoin (ELPH)
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ElphyreCoin, the open source funding coin, was originally a Bytecoin fork. After a while, it's network started to get rough. LithyRiolu, the founder of The Lithe Project, contact Citizen7, the founder of ELPH, in regards to a bounty. After an extensive discussion, it was better decided that ElphyreCoin should reset its network but hold a premine for the networks previous miners. ELPH is now officially first fork of Lithe and has since thrived on the new network.

ElphyreCoin Website
2019 AmityCoin (AMIT)
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AmityCoin, now a fork of Nerva (XNV), is a longevity privacy coin. The current lead developer, Matt Hooftly, is a member of the Lithe Discord server and has been known to help Lithe as well as other communitys like Nerva, TurtleCoin and many others. LithyRiolu, the founder of The Lithe Project, has made a few PR's and helpful, sometimes minor, commits to AmityCoin's blockchain codebase and its other projects via GitHub.

AmityCoin Website
2019 Launch of LITHE testnet
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The Lithe Project's testnet chain was finally activated and has been through some rigoruous testing. This gave us a chance to also work on our other applications that will use Lithe's blockchain such as GUI's. The testnet is open of any of our community members in Discord and Twitter.

Note: Testnet coins can not be swapped for mainnet coins. They are worthless and only to be used for testing purposes only.

2019 Stash GUI
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The Stash GUI is a fork of Nest but actually has a difference, unlike its other forks. It is written in QML and GoLang allowing us to potentially create a beautiful GUI that works across Linux, Mac and Windows. Development has already started and there is an open issue in GitHub that tracks the developpment of the GUI with visual screenshots of what it looks like currently.

Stash Development

Coin Specifacations

Learn about the details of the Lithe currency.